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About Us


We at German Innovation Institution GmbH are pioneers in the field of ICT-based solutions and global management consulting. We work with our partners from the private, public and non-profit sectors to address the most critical of challenges and present innovative, cost-effective solutions that are transformative and value-added. Our wide-ranging services include the following:
  • Industrial wireless technology
  • ICT-based solutions
  • Educational consulting services
  • Global management consulting services.
  • Research aand development (Internet of things and ICT sector).
  • Culture and media diversity.
We combine modern and far-sighted research with academic knowledge and resources to provide advanced and versatile services. Most industrial sectors are undergoing rapid transformations along with newly emerging international markets; we keep abreast of recent developments in several business domains. We collaborate with our clients’ teams to innovate strategic services and solutions. We manage turbulent business and organizational environments and convert them to tangible market advantages. Our reputable and widely adopted advanced technological services include: Internet of things solutions, security services, education systems (learning management systems, International Baccalaureate services, etc.), mobile applications, UI/UX design services, cloud-based services, and SAP solutions just to name a few. We at G-ii put people first. Our research and services directly benefit your employees in supporting their pursuit of more collaborative, productive, secure and cost-effective work. We always aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and fully cooperate with them to enable an environment that fosters continues improvement and progress for us all. Our services have provided success to many companies on a global level. Our research, development and technology driven processes have helped us to maintain our client oriented and cost-effective syle of work. We have gained extensive and substantive experience through our diverse consulting projects. We proudly view ourselves as the one-stop destination for all organizational improvement and sustainability needs.