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Diversity is a key factor for our success.

German Innovation Institution GmbH can provide business solutions to companies which are stable, transforming, or during financial or operational difficulties. We are looking for professionals with wide expertise, knowledge and experience. Enthusiastic recent graduates and post-graduates from relevant disciplines are also welcome to join the team. We expect innovative ideas from our associates and also an appreciation for the value of teamwork. We can provide excellent growth opportunities for qualified professionals. A career path at GII – GmbH can be challenging, however experience can be exhilarating and highly rewarding.

We are specialists in the ICT sector, educational systems and all aspects of international business. As such, we can offer excellent opportunities to ICT professionals (Networking, technical support, smart phone developers, web developers and designers and architectures) as well as education consultants, in addition to R&D professionals.

We also look for SAP developers to specialize in business processes including human resources, financial and cost control, production planning, and materials management among others.

For most of our needs we consider it best to have a business-related qualification with SAP for more growth. MBA’s with certifications such as CAP, CPM etc. will provide high knowledge support and are encouraged to join our team.

You can also join us as a data modeler or reporting specialist. For these positions, you should have a relative qualification such as an MBA or an undergraduate business degree. The candidate must have strong analytical, written and reasoning skills.

Programmers are encouraged to join us in our technical department as developers, ABAPer tools consultants and Java developers. Candidates should have computer science/engineering or business management degrees. Experience in programming is always an added advantage.

We can offer opportunities to relevant degree holders in the following areas: technical (security), project management, training, testing, implementation, support, among others. All these areas require good exposure and experience, with strong analytical and reasoning skills along with good written and communication abilities.

We offer a practical and highly supportive working and learning experience, international exposure, a dynamic work culture and a very attractive pay and benefit package.